Wüsthof America

Chef Ann Kim — Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza

Minneapolis, MN

Her path to a professional kitchen was not a traditional one, but that hasn’t stopped Executive Chef Ann Kim from realizing her goal, to spread joy through exceptionally good pizza.

From Ivy League graduate to aspiring actor to living proof that personal reinvention is only limited by one’s own imagination, Ann opened her pizzeria in Minneapolis, Minnesota without any formal cooking or restaurant experience. It was literally and figuratively a baptism by fire, but Ann’s meteoric success has allowed her to introduce the beloved Korean flavors of her youth to an entirely new audience.

“In many ways Pizzeria Lola is very traditional. What sets us apart is that we also offer pizzas that are unique to me and my background. Many of our guests are tasting kimchi for the first time and they would have never guessed their first experience would be on a pizza. Something that was initially foreign and strange becomes familiar and normal.”

“Part of my vision is to be an iconic restaurant; one that outlives me. I don’t want to be the “it restaurant of the moment” but rather a restaurant where our guests’ kids will bring their future kids. In order to achieve this sort of longevity and greatness, one must always strive to be better.”