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How to Fillet a Fish

Sam demonstrates how to properly fillet a whole fish. The secret? Start with the right tool.

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How to Fillet a Fish


Recommended Tools:

WÜSTHOF 7” Flexible Fish Fillet Knife


Make an incision from behind the gill down to the backbone.

Cut along the backbone of the fish.

Once you get to the tail, bring knife to opposite side of fish and make a clean cut along the top of the tail.

Starting near the incision near the gill, slice the meat from the body. To avoid getting bones in your fillet, make sure to cut along the rib cage.

Flip the fish over and cut along the gill, removing the head from the fish.

Repeat the same process on this side of the fish.

To remove the skin from the fillet, hold the fillet with a towel in one hand and with the other hand, make an incision between the skin and meat.

Run the knife from front to back of fillet so that all skin is removed.

Run the knife along seam of fillet and separate thick and thin fillets.

Cut off the ends of the tail.

Enjoy your center cut fillet!