Wüsthof America

A clean cut and a smooth edge

Tin opener with intelligent turning system

The new tin opener from the traditional company WÜSTHOF is a true highlight in terms of form, function and safety. With its clever technology, easy handling and appealing design, this tin opener is the ideal helper for professional and home cooks alike.

All different kinds of tins can be opened cleanly and without leaving any sharp edges. There is no longer any risk of injury from sharp edges on the lid or tin edge.

The wheel is applied to the edge of the tin and turned forwards, cutting the lid on the side of the tin right underneath the joint. This technique makes it easier to remove the lid from the tin and also means it fits perfectly back on again for the short-term storage of partially used tins. This opening method is also more hygienic, since the tin opener does not come into contact with the contents of the tin. Its flat design enables this practical kitchen helper to be stored in the drawer without taking up much space.

The can opener is available from February 2014 from specialist stores.