Wüsthof America

Beautifully designed & functional drawer organizer:

The perfect place to store your favourite knives

Where can you store your high-quality knives when there is no room for a knife block on your work surface or no free space on the wall?

The knife specialists at WÜSTHOF have asked themselves the same question and come up with a beautifully designed, functional drawer organizer made from high-quality beech wood. Made to fit in all standard drawers and pull-outs, this elegant wood insert is just the solution.

Seven knives with a blade length of up to 23 cm can be stored safely and tidily.The design of the drawer organizer is modern, clear-cut and timeless.

Cut back to the essentials, the wooden insert is easy to clean and fits in harmoniously with every kind of kitchen. The wide handle opening in the front of the insert makes it easier to remove the knives and also provides protection from the sharp blades. The slots ensure that the knives are always stored safely and close to hand.

This provides the delicate blades with the best protection against damage - and fingers with the best protection against injury.