Wüsthof America

Farewell to blunt knives - thanks to the new compact knife sharpener

Knife sharpener "to go"

The new compact and handy knife sharpener from WÜSTHOF is the ideal solution for keeping your knives sharp - wherever you may be. In a handy matchbox size, this great little solution means you can sharpen knives safely, effectively and easily wherever you go.

You can choose from two levels of sharpening to give knife blades the right edge. The "Coarse" level is recommended for when the knife is completely blunt.

The blade angle is reproduced thanks to the carbide abrasive wheels in the knife sharpener.

The "Fine" level is recommended both for fine sharpening or for regular resharpening of the blade.

The ceramic slats grind the blade and the knife regains its original sharpness.

This sharpener has been designed to make it easy for anyone, even without experience, to sharpen knives.

The blade is inserted vertically into the slot with the grinding slats and pulled gently through to the tip, keeping the blade straight, whilst the sharpener is held in place with the other hand.

The process is repeated depending on the bluntness of the blade.

The knife blades should be cleaned before and after every grinding process.

This compact sharpener can be taken with you - it has been designed to fit in any pocket so that it is always to hand.

Available in black or red, this useful little helper is a great gift idea for friends and acquaintances.

The knife sharpener is available now from specialist stores.