Wüsthof America

Indispensable in the kitchen

The perfect pair for a clean cut - new kitchen scissors from WÜSTHOF.

Kitchen scissors are simply a must for everyday use. They need to offer versatile and practical handling. With its new all-purpose kitchen scissors, WÜSTHOF is introducing a very high-quality piece of equipment.

Careful preparation is also extremely important when dealing with fresh fish:

The scales need to be removed and the fins cut off. The fish has to be gutted, filleted and cut into portions. These scissors, which are also suitable for large hands thanks to their "langauges" (technical term for the oval handle), are extremely adept at dealing with these tasks.

The micro-interlocking system prevents the food from slipping. The serrated scissor blades ensure that even tough fish fins and thick bones can easily be cut through, just like string and tetra packs etc.

Forged from stainless steel, these scissors are robust, hard-wearing and easy to clean.