Wüsthof America

PRO knife range - PRO for professional!

Developed to cope with everyday life in the kitchen

Products made by the traditional company, WÜSTHOF, enjoy a great reputation amongst professional chefs worldwide. The cutlery specialist has developed its new PRO range of knives especially for restaurant chains and large kitchens, as well as for caterers and counters. These knives have been created especially to cope with everyday life in the kitchen. They enable all kinds of kitchen tasks to be performed quickly, efficiently and safely. The blades made from high-quality chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel offer exceptional sharpness as well as long-lasting edge retention. They are hardened to 56 HRC. Thanks to the polished blade surface, the knives are easy to clean and also offer the best protection against corrosion.

The ergonomically shaped special handle with thumb rest is made from two non-slip plastic components. Soft and non-slip on the outside - hard and solid on the inside. It fits nicely in the hand and prevents damage to tendons and joints thanks to its flexibility. The brand new design of the handle makes it easy to work without getting tired and the pronounced protective end significantly reduces the risk of injury. The handle and blade merge into one another without any joints, preventing the accumulation of dirt or food particles.

All the knives are NSF certified and fulfil HACCP regulations. To launch the PRO range, eleven types of blade will be available in lengths ranging from 14 cm to 28 cm.

The knives are produced at the Solingen factory according to WÜSTHOF's high quality requirements and guarantee the perfect cutting experience every single day.