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200 years of WÜSTHOF

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200 years of WÜSTHOF - The anniversary set

The family business, ED. WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK KG, has a success story that spans two centuries. It has had more of an influence on the cutlery industry than practically any other small to medium-sized business. What started out as a small, skilled workshop has since grown into a successful global business, with products available in 80 countries worldwide. The knife specialist founded in 1814 produces over 350 different forged knives with the "Made in Germany/Solingen" trademark. The WÜSTHOF name has become synonymous with good knives and enjoys a great reputation worldwide. To celebrate our 200th anniversary, we are offering a limited-edition anniversary set, combining traditional with modern values.

The anniversary set, consisting of a cook's knife and a trimming knife, is reminiscent of the early years of WÜSTHOF knife production. Made from non-stainless carbon steel, the set pays homage to our company's history. Although our forged knives are now made from stainless chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, the family business currently run by the seventh generation deliberately opted for the non-alloy steel. Until the 1970s, when it was replaced by stainless chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, carbon steel was traditionally used to make the blades.

The carbon steel blades with a hardness of 59 HRC offer extreme edge retention and a fine cut, with a high level of flexibility and robustness. The structure of this steel is very close-grained, ensuring exceptional sharpness. Since the carbon content is higher than 0.52%, the blades need to be looked after properly. The knives are not protected against acid and damp and should therefore be rinsed off under running water after each use and then dried carefully. If the knives are to be stored for a long time and/or subjected to high levels of humidity, it is also recommended that they are treated with a drop of food-safe special oil. The rosewood handles with three characteristic copper rivets fit in perfectly with the traditional design of the bolster and blade. The fine-quality rosewood, which has often been used in the past for knife production thanks to its density, hardness and colour, is still used these days to make musical instruments. The dark to purple-brown colouring, together with the shiny copper rivets, gives the WÜSTHOF knives their unique look.

Another special feature is the traditional inscription of the famous TRIDENT logo on the blades. On 9 May 1895, the TRIDENT ("DREIZACK") symbol was registered as a trademark at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. Since then, it has been protected by law in almost all countries worldwide and has always appeared on all WÜSTHOF products.

The anniversary set comes in high-quality gift packaging depicting historic grinding scenes. The set consists of the two knives, a small leaflet including care instructions and the blade oil. Interesting facts about the materials used (carbon steel, rosewood and copper) provide further information. This unique set would make an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates fine knives and amateur or professional chefs.

It's a real must-have for all fans of the WÜSTHOF brand.