Wüsthof America

The perfect trio for cutting and peeling

Trimming knife set in trendy new colours

You can never have enough small knives in the kitchen. Cooking and preparing meals almost always involves some cutting and peeling.

The new three-piece trimming knife set from WÜSTHOF with trendy new coloured handles adds a contemporary feel as well as sharpness to the kitchen.

The set features trimming knives with straight, pointed and slightly sabre-shaped blades, each with a different coloured plastic handle (blue, red and green).

Whichever blade shape you decide to use, fruit and vegetables can be peeled or cut quickly and cleanly with these super-sharp knives.

The ergonomically shaped handle fits nicely in the hand. All trimming knives are suitable for dishwashers.

This practical knife set made in Solingen, Germany, is also ideal as a gift idea or souvenir.

The trimming knife set is available now from specialist stores.