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The Traveller Set - the ideal travel companion for every keen cook

Survival kit makes home cooks happy - even on holiday

WÜSTHOF introduces the CLASSIC 7-Piece Traveler Set (model 8857), featuring three precision-forged, full-tang CLASSIC knives and three essential tools nestled inside a black travel case. Available now at retail nationwide.

Perfect for vacation rentals, picnics, BBQs, tailgating, family reunions, potlucks, camping trips, RV and boat excursions, along with other cooking “on the go” occasions, the CLASSIC 7-Piece Traveler Set is a well-curated “don’t leave home without it” collection of professional quality kitchen knives and accessories conveniently housed in a compact case.

The CLASSIC 7-Piece Traveler Set features the CLASSIC 3.5-inch Paring Knife, 6-inch Cook’s Knife and 5-inch Serrated Utility Knife, plus Waiter’s Corkscrew, Kitchen Shears, and mini Picnic Sharpener inside a ruggedly designed, zippered case in black with WÜSTHOF’s iconic logo prominently stitched on the corner. The astutely selected range of premium knives and accessories allows gourmet home cooks everything necessary to meet their food prep needs outside of their own kitchen.

The CLASSIC 3.5-inch Paring Knife with a straight edge blade is the ideal size for peeling, slicing, culling, and dicing small size fruits and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, strawberries, shallots, garlic, ginger, and more. As its name implies, the highly versatile CLASSIC 5-inch Serrated Utility Knife tackles a range of food prep tasks. The knife’s mid-size blade with razor-sharp serrations slices easily through crusty loaves, sausages, tomatoes, sandwiches, cakes, pies, and other types of foods with clean precision. Similarly indispensible, the CLASSIC 6-inch Cook’s Knife, with a curved straight edge blade that allows a cook to use the “rocking” motion on cutting boards preferred by chefs, excels in chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing a myriad of ingredients with perfect control and accuracy.

Complementing the set’s cutlery are three top-quality WÜSTHOF kitchen accessories that are essential to preparing and enjoying gourmet meals in any setting. The Waiter's Corkscrew is crafted in durable steel with a long, black lever for effortless opening of wine bottles. The Kitchen Shears are ruggedly designed with sharp stainless steel blades that come apart for easy and thorough cleaning, and easy to grasp black handles. For maintaining knives when on the go, the mini Picnic Sharpener features a coarse notch for putting a new edge on a dull blade, and a fine notch for honing and regular maintenance.

The well-designed travel case, crafted with various protective compartments and elastic straps, keeps each of the six items securely in place during transport.