Wüsthof America

Two in One - The new boning & filleting knife

Indispensable for preparing meat and fish

Home cooks always want to work with the very freshest ingredients. Fish and meat in particular require a good deal of last-minute preparation to produce the right fillets and slices.

WÜSTHOF, a traditional company based in Solingen, Germany, has added an exceptional boning and filleting knife to its CLASSIC range, offering the perfect combination of timeless looks and optimum function. This forged knife in chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel with an unusual blade shape is made in over 40 different processes in one of the most modern production plants in the world.

This knife is particularly suitable for removing bones and skinning fish, meat and poultry. Its thin, slender and curved blade ensures the knife glides cleanly through foods and perfectly separates the skin and bones of fish and meat.

The classic three rivet handle fits perfectly in the hand and the balanced weight distribution makes the work easy and relaxed.

This special knife adds another blade shape to the CLASSIC range, which for many years now has been one of the most popular ranges of knives in the world.

The CLASSIC boning & filleting knife is available now from specialist stores.