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Wüsthof Promotes Brand Authenticity with Channel IQ

In an effort to protect the security and confidence of consumers, Wüsthof-Trident of America, Inc., has partnered with online channel-management experts, Channel IQ, to institute a new Authorized Online Retailer program.

Channel IQ is our technology-based agency that supports manufacturers, retailers and consumers by bringing clear information and transparency to the on-line retail experience.
Their Authorized Retailer “Badge” program identifies legitimate retail partners; when the Channel IQ badge is present on a website, the consumer can feel confident knowing the retailer is a recognized partner selling only authentic Wüsthof product backed by professional technical support, superior customer service and all applicable manufacturer warranties.
If the Channel IQ Badge is not present, Wüsthof can’t confirm the authenticity of the product or the credibility of the retailer.
Product purchased from such a non-authorized site is not subject to the Wüsthof manufacturer warranty and service.

Please contact Wüsthof-Trident of America, Inc., with questions regarding where to buy Wüsthof products or if you have questions or concerns about an on-line retailer.