slicing a fish with an ikon knife


Bespoke luxury knives for dedicated cooks

The Ikon series is all about luxury craftsmanship – special knives that are also prepping, plating, and serving workhorses.

Each individualized showstopper features ergonomic handles made from sustainably grown, water-resistant African Blackwood and blades forged from premium WÜSTHOF steel, with all final edgework honed by hand by our expert knife specialists.

Lifetime Warranty
Made in Solingen, Germany

Series Highlights

slicing lemons with an ikon chef's knife

Optimal comfort and control

Ergonomically crafted for optimal comfort, the handles are purposefully sculpted to reduce fatigue and look beautiful in the kitchen.

Ikon Serrated utility knife 14 cm | 5 inch
Ikon Chef's knife 16 cm | 6 inch
Ikon Utility knife 16 cm | 6 inch
preparing scallops with an ikon knife in motion

Finished by hand

The final edgework of each blade is honed by hand for custom-made perfection.

Ikon Bread knife 20 cm | 8 inch
Ikon Chef's knife 20 cm | 8 inch
Ikon Paring knife 9 cm | 3 1/2 inch

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