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Meet The WÜSTHOF Classic Colours


3 April 2023

Presenting the Classic Colour series in five stylish colours, particularly pleasing for younger customers and just in time for spring.

mim leroy-woolven.jpg

WÜSTHOF hires Mim Leroy-Woolven as VP Sales, WÜSTHOF USA

16 May 2022

WÜSTHOF, the traditional, premium knife manufacturer from Solingen, Germany, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mim Leroy- Woolven as VP Sales for the substantial US market.


WÜSTHOF Ikon steak knife set with leather case

1 November 2021

Anyone who enjoys a premium cut of meat with friends will look forward to the launch of our WÜSTHOF Ikon Steak Knife Set. The six iconic steak knives are extremely sharp, gliding effortlessly through your favourite food. They are also unique one-of-a-kind pieces with distinctive wooden handles.


NEW: The WÜSTHOF Amici series

1 October 2021

The knife series with a Calabrian soul.

Performer Bread Knife

WÜSTHOF Performer – The Bread Knife

1 October 2021

WÜSTHOF presented the new Performer series, the perfect knives for multi-talented performers in the kitchen, last October. In everyday life, we may be challenged on many levels, meeting demands and personal requirements with flexibility and efficiency.

Meg HAmilton

WÜSTHOF USA fills President Americas position and expands team

1 October 2021

Jan Patrick Schmitz, CEO WÜSTHOF, has announced the appointment of Meg Hamilton as President of WÜSTHOF Americas.

Amici 1814 detail

Amici 1814 – Superior knife craftsmanship meets Italian flair!

1 September 2021

WÜSTHOF Amici 1814 is proud to present extraordinary knife craftsmanship enhanced by the magnificent botanical diversity of Italy. Dario Cortini, a Master Engraver from Northern Italy, has created elaborate, detailed designs for the blade.


The WÜSTHOF book and book app

1 April 2021

Take an exciting peek into the complex world of knives with WÜSTHOF’s fascinating new reference book which balances theory and practice, printed and digital information.


Safe knife storage for premium blade protection

1 March 2021

WÜSTHOF have designed beautiful and practical white knife blocks for the Classic knife series with white handles and for colourful Create Collection knives.

performer series

WÜSTHOF Performer – Outstanding Chef's Knives

1 October 2020

Welcome to the world of multi-talented performers: a world characterised by strong identity, aspiration and top performance, where individuality and self-fulfilment are instinctive goals.

classic with white handles

WÜSTHOF Classic with white handles

1 June 2020

An elegant dream in white – this kind of pure romantic notion is what we love about this season, especially when we’re sitting back and relishing precious time spent with family and friends.


1.500 limited-edition knives with Bog Oak handles.

1 March 2020

The Iron Age began in Central Europe around 3,000 years ago. This was when the first knives were made. They were not made from stone, bronze or brass, but rather from a material which, in varying alloys, is still used today to manufacture knives.