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Classic 7-piece Knife Block Set with Santoku


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Product details

Product details

This white Knife Block is supplied with six high-quality premium products. Thanks to the Block’s angled shape and practical slots, the knives can be easily removed and replaced. The use of robust heat-treated beech makes this Knife Block a design object and a sustainable item. Two versions of the Classic Knife Block are available – with either a Bread Knife or a Santoku. The ‘Santoku’ version comes with a Santoku (17cm blade), a Vegetable Knife, a Cold Meat Knife, a Cook’s Knife (20cm blade), a Sharpening Steel and white Kitchen Shears.


1040200409 - Paring knife
1040201614 - Serrated utility knife
1040231317 - Santoku
1040200120 - Chef's knife
3040285023 - Sharpening steel
1040294901 - Kitchen shears
2090270601 - Knife block


Type7-piece Knife Block Set