Wüsthof America

The new, improved way of cutting (bread)

CLASSIC bread knife with double serrated edge.

The knife specialist from Solingen has revolutionised the way we cut bread and other bakery products. The brand new precision double serrated edge means that the blade of the bread knife from the CLASSIC range glides effortlessly through the bread.

The difference between this and ordinary serrated edges is immediately obvious. Whether the bread has a hard crust or a soft crumb, the serration within the serrated edge enables an exceptionally smooth, clean and precise cut and prevents the blade from sliding off to make a sloping cut.

In addition, this new kind of serrated edge ensures a secure application of the blade to the object to be cut, as well as a straight cut that doesn’t require much effort. The double serrated edge also leads to improved edge retention, so that the blade stays sharp for even longer.

The handle with the classic three rivets fits nicely in the hand. The even balance means your hand won't get tired even after cutting for a long time. For safe storage, it is recommended that the bread knife is either fitted with a blade guard or placed on a magnetic holder or in a knife block.

The CLASSIC bread knife is available from February 2014 from specialist stores.