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Your Taste. Your Knife.
Your Color.

Inspired by colors from the culinary world, the five new shades of the WÜSTHOF Classic Color collection are as vibrant and original as you are.

Your Taste. Your Knife. Your Choice of Color.

Inspired by colors from the culinary world, the six shades of the WÜSTHOF Classic Color collection are as vibrant and original as you are.

Wild Blueberry

Like the trusty friend who always gives the best advice, Wild Blueberry is genuine and dependable.

Inspired by days filled with oceanside strolls, afternoon naps, and early mornings at the farmer’s market - it's an ideal pairing for juicy fruit pies, crunchy salads, and bone-in grilled steaks.

This shade might even encourage an extra dose of mindfulness in your food prep.

Classic Santoku in Wild Blueberry

Coral Peach

Coral Peach is the energetic shade you can count on to give food prep a refreshing wake-up.

Confident and fun, it’s ideal alongside peak-season fruits and beachside barbecues. This color is outgoing, warmhearted, and ready to make every slicing and dicing moment a small celebration. Use this vibrant knife to make any of your favorite dishes — it will look especially fresh alongside a homemade peach pie or a tropical fruit salad.

Classic color coral peach knives on teal background

Velvet Oyster

Velvet Oyster is a calming shade that invokes quiet hours foraging in the woods, reading by a cozy fire, or pouring a drink into a favorite glass.

Sophisticated and chic, this knife is the ideal modern companion for any and every kitchen task. To really highlight Velvet Oyster’s unique and mature hue, use it to make wild mushroom focaccia, carve a perfectly cooked steak, or slice cured sausages for a charcuterie board.

Velvet Oyster Santoku

Purple Yam

Any way you slice it, Purple Yam loves being its cheerful self.

Both youthful and retro, this trendy shade is perfect for getting your creative juices flowing in the kitchen — because what’s better than staying curious and playing around with new recipes? Purple Yam can handle any kitchen job, but this color is especially happy when it comes to meals boosted by a personal touch: slicing homemade birthday cake (your best friend’s favorite flavor!), making rosettes for that cool apple tart, or trying out new toppings on your go-to toast, porridge, or bowl of rice.

Purple Yam Bread Knife

Pink Himalayan Salt

Subtle, dreamy Pink Himalayan Salt might just bring a smile to your face as you pull out your cutting board and this graceful knife for chopping.

This charming, delicate color is inspired by instrumental music and free mornings dedicated to long, luxurious breakfasts. Use this charming knife for anything, especially the simple-but-special things in life: slicing a sandwich to share, cutting a perfect watermelon, or turning homemade pasta into strands of tagliatelle.

Pink Salt Asian Style Knife

Tasty Sumac

Like a lovely glass of wine, Tasty Sumac has depth and range: it’s at once strong, bold, and soulful.

Whether you step into your kitchen to unwind after a long day or to reinvigorate your senses, this deep color can handle any recipe you dream up. Showcase this beautiful, grounding shade by putting it front and center during food preparation and plating — it will particularly shine alongside crispy roast chicken, spicy stir-fries, and big seasonal salads.

Tasty Sumac