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WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon 3 1/2" Paring Knife
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What Paring Knife Should I Use?

WÜSTHOF paring knives are the tiny but mighty back-pocket heroes that make food preparation precise, seamless, and enjoyable, whether you’re stemming strawberry tops or scoring the skin of a duck breast. Paring knives come in different shapes and styles, so if you have ever wondered what the differences are, read on!

WÜSTHOF Forged versus Non-Forged Kitchen Knives
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Forged versus Non-Forged Kitchen Knives

The key variation within the WÜSTHOF blade range is the difference between forged and non-forged knives.

The Faces of Classic Color
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The Personalities that Inspired Classic Colour

Meet the five WÜSTHOF employees that inspired our most colourful knives yet. Melinda, Richardson, Manuel, Micha, and Sonja showcase just how well the small details in life can highlight our own “Original” spirits.

Meet The WÜSTHOF Classic Colours
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Meet The Classic Colours

Influenced by our primary muse, these five fresh Classic Colours are inspired by ingredients from the food world. We’re thrilled to introduce them to you! Please meet: Velvet Oyster, Purple Yam, Coral Peach, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Tasty Sumac.

WÜSTHOF Top Three Knives Every Kitchen Needs
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The Top Three Knives Every Kitchen Needs

Despite all the knives out there that are truly great to have — the top three knives every kitchen ultimately needs are a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife. Discover how these three multi-purpose powerhouses can accomplish virtually any prep task and are the ultimate must-haves in any kitchen.

WÜSTHOF Top Tips For Dining With Friends
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Top Tips For Dining With Friends

Is there a better time for home cooking than in the fall? The air is crisp, cozy sweaters abound, and it’s finally cool enough to turn on the oven. In the spirit of having people over and appreciating every moment, here are our top tips for a dinner party with friends.

Learn how to properly store your WÜSTHOF Knives
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How To Store Your WÜSTHOF Knives

We don't stop at making the perfect blade. We also design solutions to help you safely and elegantly store your favorite WÜSTHOF cutlery.

How To Care For Your WÜSTHOF Knives
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How to: Clean Your WÜSTHOF Knives

Learn how to properly care for your WÜSTHOF knives with these simple cleaning do's and don'ts to ensure your knives will last a lifetime.

Learn how to hone and sharpen your WÜSTHOF knives
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How To Sharpen Your WÜSTHOF Knives

Learn how to use a honing steel, sharpening steel, hand-held knife sharpener, electric knife sharpener, or a whetstone to keep your knives performing at their best