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Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) is a voluntary supply chain security initiative designed and overseen by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to build cooperative relationships with the trade community to strengthen and improve supply chain and border security overall.

In today’s global environment, the threat from terrorists, contraband smugglers, and cybercriminals is more prevalent than ever before, with these bad actors creating new ways to target our country and its citizens every day. The CTPAT program provides the trade community with the opportunity to play a major role in the war against terror and to ensure a more secure supply chain for employees, business partners, and customers.

WÜSTHOF USA, Inc., its executives, management, stakeholders, and employees are committed to participation in the CTPAT program, and to creating, implementing, and following practices and procedures that are consistent with the Minimum-Security Criteria for U.S. Importers. WÜSTHOF USA, Inc. understands that only by meeting these criteria can we ensure the security and integrity of our international supply chain.

As a participant in the CTPAT program, Wüsthof USA, Inc. is committed to:

  • Meeting all CTPAT Minimum Security Criteria for U.S. importers and maintaining the highest level of security standards at our facility(ies).

  • Providing security guidelines and training to Wüsthof USA, Inc. employees, contractors, and service providers.

  • Working with our international and domestic business partners to ensure supply chain security practices are being followed from the point of origin through to the place of final delivery.

  • Cooperating with CBP in its efforts to ensure supply chain security.

  • Investigating and working to resolve any situation or significant event which may be related to a breach in supply chain security and/or CTPAT criteria and reporting the incident to the proper authorities.

  • Reviewing and revising security practices and procedures on a regular basis.

  • Providing a safe working environment for our employees, customers, vendors, and other visitors.

CTPAT impacts nearly every department within our organization, as well as outside parties such as foreign suppliers, carriers, and brokers. Wüsthof USA, Inc. also recognizes that our international business partners and supply chain logistics providers play a crucial role in maintaining supply chain security. Wüsthof USA, Inc. understands that supply chain security is everyone’s responsibility, and as such, all employees, visitors, and relevant business partners are expected to comply with the CTPAT criteria. Together, we can work towards total supply chain security to ensure the United States remains safe and secure.

Start a Warranty Claim

  1. Prepare Your Knives for Shipping

    Wrap your knives securely in layers of newspaper or bubble wrap and send them in a sturdy cardboard box for the safety of the package handlers. (Note: Do not apply tape to the blades of your knives.)

  2. Print & Complete Customer Return Form

    Fill out the Customer Return Form and include it with your shipment. This information is required to process your warranty claim.

    Do not send personal items with your knives, as these will not be returned. This includes blade guards, towels, and any other items used for protection. WÜSTHOF is not responsible for any loss or damage in transit to our facility, so shipping insurance is recommended, at your discretion.

  3. Address & Send Shipment

    Mail your knives to:

    Attn: Returns
    355 Wilson Ave.
    Norwalk, CT 06854

For additional information, please view our official Warranty Policy.

**Please be aware that due to staff limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic, our current turnaround time for processing warranty replacements is three to four weeks, not including transit time. We appreciate your patience.

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