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WÜSTHOF Performer

Designed for perfect control and impeccable taste

Combining centuries of expert artisanship with cutting-edge technology, the Performer series spotlights innovative knives designed for unmatched control.

Precision forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel by our expert knife artisans in Solingen, Germany, each Performer blade is enhanced by a black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating. This DLC coating makes our steel exceptionally strong and durable, producing a long-lasting blade that is heat resistant, scratchproof, and resilient to damage, even after frequent use in your kitchen -- it also makes Performer blades largely water-repellent, mimicking the moisture-beading effect you might see on the sleeve of your rain jacket.

Handles are fitted with our ergonomic Hexagon Power Grip, a non-slip honeycomb design that guarantees each slicing moment is safe, comfortable, and precise.”

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in Solingen, Germany

Series Highlights

Performer Chef's knife left side view
Image of a performer chef's knife and a fish on a cutting board

Hexagon power grip

With its honeycomb design, the Hexagon Power Grip gives you a firm, non-slip hold under all working conditions. The glass fiber reinforced polyamide material on the handle makes it easy to care for.

performer chef's knife left side view
Image of the performer line of blades on a cutting board with vegetables scattered about

Elegant, black, coating

The Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating on a Performer blade increases the surface hardness of WÜSTHOF steel from 58 to a unique 104 Rockwell.

What results is a stylish, premium-quality blade with exceptional durability under any kitchen conditions.

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