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Kevin Lee Portrait

Kevin Lee

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Several Wusthof knives of various types next to prepared food

Classic Series

Unmatched in quality and design, The WÜSTHOF Classic Series was made to last a lifetime. Created in 1886 as high-quality and durable kitchen knives, this series has stood the test of time as our best-selling knives for generations.

Wusthof Performance Series knife on a cutting board with freshly-sliced cucumber and eggplant

Specialty Knives

Complete your knife set with specialty knives made to last a lifetime. Each WÜSTHOF knife is designed with its own unique style and story. Whether you prefer unique, sleek handles or a speciality blade, there’s a knife to match every aesthetic and task in the kitchen.

Wusthof Knife and sharpening honing steel next to a freshly-cut red cabbage


A sharp knife is a safe knife! Yes, it’s true. The most common cause of kitchen injury is actually a dull knife because it requires more pressure while cutting. By adding additional force to compensate for a dull blade, you decrease your control over the knife and increase your chance of injury.

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