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What kind of knife storage are you searching for?

Good knife storage is essential for protecting the quality and durability of your premium blades. Browse various storage options to find the right solution for your kitchen.

Knife Storage

Knife Blocks

Explore slot and magnetic knife blocks in a variety of finishes and sizes.

Knife Storage
In-Drawer Tray

Short on counter space in your kitchen? An in-drawer knife tray safely stores your knives out of sight.

Magnetic Bar Knife Storage
Magnetic Holders

Beautifully display your premium knives with a magnetic holder that easily attaches to the wall.

Knife Roll next to sharpening block
Knife Roll

Need to take your knives on the go? Safely store your blades in a case that can be rolled up quickly and easily.


Looking for a full knife block set?

Explore pre-crafted knife blocks in a variety of collections and sizes.