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WÜSTHOF In Drawer Knife OrganizerWÜSTHOF In Drawer Knife Tray

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Store Your WÜSTHOF Knives

It’s no secret that knives shouldn’t be left lying around in a kitchen drawer - especially when they're unprotected. Not only can this ruin delicate knife blades, but it’s also dangerous and unhygienic. Whether you’re limited on space or have an expansive kitchen, there are many storage solutions to help you safely and elegantly store your favorite cutlery.  

Knife Blocks

Easily the most popular option for storing your WÜSTHOF knives, knife blocks provide a safe and convenient way to simply tuck your blades away after use. Thoughtfully designed, knives can easily be inserted or removed so your most used pieces are always at your fingertips. With multiple sizes, slots, colors, and designs – it’s easy for your knife block to complement your kitchen and take center stage.

Pro Tip: Make sure your knife block is heavy enough that it does not tip over and that all your knives properly fit the slots.

WÜSTHOF Classic 11pc Knife Block Set WÜSTHOF Classic 11pc Knife Block Set
WÜSTHOF 18" Magnetic Knife Holder WÜSTHOF 18" Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

Tight on kitchen space? We got you covered! Maximize your counter space by storing your most-used knives within reach on a wall mounted magnetic knife rack. With their extra-strength magnets, WÜSTHOF’s wooden, synthetic, or aluminum holders are a safe and easy storage option to keep your favorite blades close at hand.    

Pro Tip: Test out heavy knives to make sure they stay on the rack before letting go of the handle.

In-Drawer Knife Tray

An in-drawer knife tray is a great way to protect your knife blades from chips and scratches that can happen when knives are loose in a drawer. Whether storing your entire knife selection or any overflow from a knife block or wall mount, an in drawer knife tray is one of the most popular ways to keep your knives accessible without crowding your countertop.

WÜSTHOF In Drawer Knife OrganizerWÜSTHOF In Drawer Knife Organizer
WÜSTHOF Knife RollWÜSTHOF Knife Roll

Knife Bags and Rolls

Always on the go? Take your favorite knives with you. Chef’s cases, knife bags, or knife rolls are the perfect way to transport your knives back and forth between a professional kitchen, Airbnb, or picnic lunch. Conveniently carry your knives with you while you transition from place to place, just make sure your knife case or roll is study enough so knives don’t poke through.

Pro Tip: Use a blade guard to protect knife blades from scratches when stored in kitchen drawers, chef’s cases, knife bags, or rolls.

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