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The Original


The Original

The WÜSTHOF Classic is timelessly iconic. Unmatched in design and quality, you can be confident you have the real deal when it bears the unmistakable symbol of our craftsmanship: the WÜSTHOF trident. Your Classic, The Original.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in Solingen, Germany

Series Highlights


Timeless Classic

Created in 1886 as an affordable, high quality, durable kitchen knife, the WÜSTHOF Classic has become an icon. The Original has stood the test of time, maturing with quality and style. Thank you, Eduard Wüsthof, for creating our success story.

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Iconic Versatility

Did you know that the WÜSTHOF Classic collection comprises 91 different blade shapes, the largest selection in the world? “The 91 Originals” — this might make it clear that we offer the ideal knife for virtually every type of food preparation, but doesn’t strike quite the right note.

That’s why we simply say, “The Original.”

Made to Last

Quality and durability are firmly anchored in every WÜSTHOF Classic knife. When Eduard Wüsthof designed The Original in 1886, his intention was for each knife to last a lifetime. They did, and countless Classics are passed on to the next generation — then, now, and into the future.

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